Pink Lemonade Mini Melts

Pink Lemonade Mini Melts

  • The Fragrance

    Our second most popular summer scent (after Malibu Barbie) when we launched last summer, is now back due to popular demand!                 

    So many of you loved this super strong scent so much we had to bring it back!

    Pink Lemonade is our number one strongest wax melt!


    Contains 2 Mini Melts weighing approx 1oz

    Our Wax Melts are made with a luxurious blend of 100% Soy and Coconut Wax




  • How To Use

    Simply pop one or two mini melts (depending on the size of the room and the desired strength of scent) onto a wax burner and light an unscented tealight underneath. 

    For easy removal, light the tealight for about 20-30 seconds, slide off the wax and wipe with a wet soapy tissue and then dry.

    Also suitable for electric wax burners, simply turn on and let it melt away!

    Note: open windows will affect the strength of the scent