Iced Lychee & Raspberry Sorbet Wax Melt Pot

With Refreshing Notes Of


^ Iced Lychees

^ Raspberry Sorbet

^ Fuji Red Apples

^ Glacéd Pears

^ Juicy Peach Nectar

Iced Lychee & Raspberry Sorbet Wax Melt Pot

  • How To Use

    Cool and refreshing this is a taste of summer because there is nothing more summery than lychees and fruit sorbet!


    Our Wax Melts are made with a luxurious blend of 100% Soy and Coconut Wax and weigh approximately 50 grams (We love to cut into 4 pieces and use 1 piece or 2 pieces for larger or open plan rooms)

  • How To Use

    Simply cut in 4 pieces and depending on the size of the room and the desired strength of scent, pop however many pieces desired  onto a wax burner and light an unscented tealight underneath. 


    For smaller rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms we recommend using 1 piece, for larger rooms such as living rooms or kitchens that lead to hallways or other rooms and open plan homes, we recommend using 2 pieces however you can use as little or as much as you like!

    For easy removal, light the tealight for about 20-30 seconds, slide off the wax and wipe with a wet soapy tissue and then dry.

    Also suitable for electric wax burners, simply turn on and let it melt away!

    Note: open windows will affect the strength of the scent